The Secret Of Wealthy Home Sellers

By Alan Calimbas

In This Book You'll Learn

Selling Strategies

This book includes home-selling strategies employed by the wealthiest home sellers proven to net the most money possible in the shortest amount of time.

Listing Tips

From getting your home ready for sale to pricing it correctly, this book offers tips to simplify the process and effectively sell your home.

Marketing Approaches

This book features top-notch marketing techniques to get the most buyers in your door and the highest possible sale price for your listing.

Negotiation Mistakes

Negotiations can make or break real estate deals. You’ll learn how to effectively negotiate your home sale and avoid costly mistakes.

About Alan

Immersed in a culture where relationships rule all, Alan has always put an emphasis on truly connecting with everyone who surrounds him. With many years as a touring musician and in the customer service/hospitality industry, his realization that working with others rather than against them, leads you further in life. This true 'team' mentality has not only allowed Alan to learn from his peers, but also lead them to success.

Born in Toronto, Alan relocated to the West Coast at a young age. He has now called Vancouver home for over 14 years and is in love with how the city and the beauty of nature, exist as one. He is a city boy at heart but has grown to love the outdoors and everything mother nature provides.

Alan's goals are simple: he wants you, the client, to be happy. Positivity is what he exudes, as he believes positive energy attracts a positive experience. Alan is driven, motivated, sincere and understanding when it comes to your needs and will always make sure they come first.

On his off time, you can find Alan with the three joys of his life; his rescue dogs and cat. He also donates his time to animalrelated causes, something he is incredibly passionate about. Alan is also very physically active in the gym and on the playing field with a love for team sports. His competitive side translates on and off the field as he is always trying to improve himself through body and mind.

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